About Us

excellence in driver's education since 1986

"Nervous on the road was an understatement!  Jerry Mancini helped me calm myself and drive safely.  He taught me ways to spot potential hazards, remain calm, and drive responsibly.  He made driving like second nature to me."

Colleen Vlasach

"I was impressed with the variety of classes offered at the Kennedy School of Driving. My son's busy schedule didn't allow him to go to the regular classroom theory.  He can jump online anytime. This made going through the whole program easier than I expected. They even picked him up for driving lessons at home, and gave him the driver's test.   I'm glad a friend recommended this."

Bradley Grosh

Kennedy School of Driving, Inc.   excellence in driver's education since 1986

Family owned and operated since 1986, our mission and dedication is to get students (teens and adults) behind the wheel safely and responsibly.  The complete driver's education program, more commonly know as 30+6,  allows students the confidence and knowledge to successfully pass the learner's permit test, operate a motor vehicle, understand the rules of the road, pass the driver's examination road course, and most importantly, become a safe and responsible driver. 

We would be nothing without our phenomenal instructors.  They demonstrate over 300 years combined experience educating students in Western Pennsylvania.  You won't learn from anyone better! 


Our high achievements and standards as well as affordable pricing allow us the ability to facilitate excellent driving instruction to all.  Thank you for visiting our website.  Contact us for more information.