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​​​​Our courses help you learn to be a safe and responsible driver.  Whether you're a new teen driver or an adult learning to drive for the first time(or again),

We'll take care of you! We do not offer "crash" courses in driver education.  We suggest our behind the wheel lessons be administered over at least a 6-8 week period.  This way you can have your lesson, learn new procedures and concepts, practice the processes with your student/parent(in your own vehicle), and move on to new concepts with the next lesson.  Cooperating with this approach is really the best way to retain what is learned in the lessons and build up to more challenging concepts. 

Accelerated timing of lessons may be considered as long as the integrity of the program is not compromised.  This is at the discretion of the driving instructor and varies at a case by case basis. 

Please note, theory class is not a preparatory class for the permit test but an extensive theory class to understand the procedures and processes you will learn and demonstrate when you operate a motor vehicle.  In other words, it will help you understand why you have to do the things you will learn in order to be safe while driving.    Taking both components of driver’s education will make you a safer driver, allow you to receive completion certificates that can be passed onto your insurance provider for their maximum discount for driver’s education, and if you live in an eligible school district, allow you the opportunity to participate in the End Of Course Skills Test Program. 
Thank you for your cooperation!


On-Line Theory
Take the on-line theory course at your convenience. It's the equivalent of our traditional 30 hour classroom theory course in a different setting--wherever you want!   Many students are very busy with extra-curricular activities.  Attending another activity just may not be possible.  On-line theory can help!  And sign-up is easy, Send us an email letting us know you're interested, and we'll walk you through the process.

Take the on-line theory in conjunction with our behind the wheel lessons for an approved PA DMV/Dept. of Education Driver Education Program. 

Traditional Classroom Theory
Instructor lead 30 hour theory in a traditional classroom setting.  Gain knowledge from experienced instructors.  Share ideas with peers.  Classes meet at pre-determined times and places.  The complete list of current classroom dates and schedules can be found on our Program Dates/Location page.  The times/dates are for the 30 hour classroom theory component only.  Take the classroom theory in conjunction with our behind the wheel lessons for an approved PA DMV/Dept. of Education Driver Education Program.  We use the Drive Right series text book in our traditional classroom theory courses.  Our curriculum page will give you more information about what is covered in our traditional classroom theory setting. Remember, theory is not a preparatory course for the permit test

Important Details

Theory classes may be taken separately and not complimentary to behind the wheel instruction
Students are not required to obtain a driver's permit in order to attend/begin any theory classes
A Pennsylvania state learner's permit is required to begin behind the wheel instruction (16 years of age or older)
Students may begin theory at age 15. Behind the Wheel Instruction
Individual Lessons

We offer individual lessons for students seeking refresher information to become a more safe and responsible driver or those who want to "pay as you go".  See our pricing page for more information.  

Behind the Wheel Instruction

One hour Individual lesson

In some instances an individual will only want a single (one hour) lessons. This may be to help with certain aspects of driving they feel they need further instruction.  Our instructors will help as best they can with providing the necessary information, but they will also be assessing the overall skill set of driving.  If you are not demonstrating proper fundamental techniques, they will ad in correcting those techniques before continuing to the procedures with which you believe need work. 

Six(6) hour lesson package
The six (6) hour package is for individuals who are interested in a complete driver's education experience.  The six hours package will give you more time to learn all the procedures and processes required to pass your driver exam, learn the rules of the road, and most importantly be a safe and responsible driver.  Taken in conjunction with either of our theory options, it will afford you all of the benefits of a "30+6" program--completion certificates for insurance discounts, early senior license eligibility, End Of Course Skills Test eligibility (for qualified participants).  See our pricing page for pricing information.

End Of Course Skills Test
Participating school (districts)


Is you school district NOT on the list?  Contact your district's superintendent and ask them to consider participating in our program.  There is no cost or liability to the district--having the ability to participate only helps your student and community.  Call our office for more information. 

Only currently enrolled high school students of school districts that participate in our
"30+6" program are eligible to participate in the END OF COURSE
SKILLS TEST.  State regulations limit participation to students who attend the brick and mortar school district.  Just living in the district that participates in the program (and you attend another private school) does not satisfy the PA DMV and Department of Education requirements). 

Instead of making an appointment and going to a driver's licensing center to take your driver's exam, students of our "30+6" program can take their driver's exam with our certified instructors.  Our school is licensed by the PA Department of Education and the Bureau of Driver Licensing to administer the End of Course Skills Test to
participants of our 30+6 program.  The 6th lesson of the behind the wheel portion will be reserved as the exam for students meeting all requirements and
skill levels needed to take the driver's exam.  The same eligibility requirements as PA driver's licensing centers apply.  Log onto for complete driver's licensing requirements.  Parental authorization is required. 

EOCST: Student Requirements

1. be a current student or resident of one of the participating school programs

2. enroll and complete a "30 +6" program (either on-line or traditional theory PLUS 6 hours behind the wheel instruction)   

3. maintain a violation free PA learner's permit and wait the required probationary period as imposed by the State of PA DMV.

EOCST: Kennedy School of Driving Requirements 
Not just any driving school can give the End Of Course Skills Test.  EOCST can only be administered by private driver training schools that have passed all crucial training exercises and who have instructors that are Pennsylvania certified school teachers with a minimum of twelve (12) course credits in driver and traffic safety education.  We are thrilled to have twelve (12) instructors who meet the above requirements.  If you are shopping around for driver education schools and a school claims to be able to offer the End Of Course Skills Test-do your due diligence and contact the State to verify their credentials.